Monday, June 10, 2013

You Can't Make Up This Shit

When I can make the arrangements, P needs to be in hospital for stabilization.  His drinking is out of control, his behavior is erratic at best and he is forgetful and confused.  But now I must put out this fire (the dental issues) before I can move forward with hospitalization.  I don’t care what they say at River Edge, he is far from stable.

He has been manic for two days.  He wakes me from a sound sleep to ask for medicine before it is time for it.  He wakes me from a sound sleep to ask me if I am asleep.  He talks ad finitum when I will listen.  He loves talking about history and would have been a great teacher if he were not so sick.  He is passionate about history and would have been an inspiring teacher.  Last night he gave me a two hour lecture about the war in Vietnam.

In the midst of all this chaos around Parrish’s mouth, Marcy has called repeatedly.  I have blocked her from every number from which she has called, but she just borrows different phone and keeps calling.  In a facebook message, she asked him to buy her a car.  Then she asked him for $3000. to save her family's home.  Again, I did not make up this shit.  This is what I live with.

Here are a few facebook message (paraphrased):

Trying to call you from wills phone....I guess his number is blocked was just able to call you yesterday.. ms claudia is really pissing me off parrish...take the money to get a cell phone please...she's not going tp keep me from all due respect...I'm not afraid of her anymore and will put up a fight for you..its rediculous to be on this position..but the h

Omg parrish..please let mr know what has happened to you..possibly an infection or allergic reaction to something. Bless your heart..ill pray for you that its not serious..are you w your mom? What hospital and if you get admitted pleade call tay or grams phone to keep me updated..I will be worried about you till you call me ..anytime ok? 

I wish you eould have called me before you went...honey..I'm not worried about marnie.I know you love me and would probably be the only one in my life that would and has been feels so good not to have anytthing to do with danette (the abusive lesbian lover) love for you is so huge....grande poppy mucho grande...I hope you feel better..are you having trouble swallowing? Please don't tell me its your liver or kidneys retaining the fluids.. awww need momma dukes to be there...I would lay next to you in your hospital bed like we used to....if you need to get ahold of me and you can't through your mom..use a griend of yours to get information to me by either a phone call..text. fb to tay or moms phone....I'm going to be thinking about you every minute..I wish I haf the money to fly up there right now and surprize you. Of course I would spend the night and rub down

I have tried to get in touch with you all morning I am going to the hospital because I"m infected. I never can get in touch with you when l need to.who do you think you are? I need you and you think it is all a joke! Marcy,where are you when the going gets tough? I,m on my way to Emory with a fever of102! Honestly don't ever say I neglect you! I have no idea how long I will be gone. I need surgery on my left gum. My friends will take care of me.

I can't wait to see you and look into your eyes. My face is so swollen and hideous looking. I have much to do concerning $ matters. I have much decisions to be made over my financial future. I almost want to go out West and become a recluse. I just took 4 mgs of dilauid to ease my pain. Write back.

Things are not well here. I have had oral surgery, and feel like death. My MAMA is a total degenerate, who is being irrational and flat out mean! I"m sorry for the last couple of days, I've been in the hospital,sedated. I AM Waiting on my new teeth. My mental health is not well! Mama is being a pain in the behind! Things are going so fast, I don't know what to do! All I know is l love and need you more than ever. I need to meet with my lawyer, and see about making a withdrawal from my IRA. Please don't forsake me lover, for I need and love you! Tell the boys, I love them, and I will see them GOD SPEED! Tell T.J., to look @ the preseason College football top 10! Hope you are well my love. I'm in much pain, for my face hurts and is swollen.

Clearly there is plenty of nitwitery to go around.  He continues to send her mixed messages and complain about me when all the while he is declaring his love for me.  He begs me to block all of her numbers and block her on facebook, then he calls her from my phone and unblocks her from facebook.  He tells lies of incredible magnitude, like taking Dilaudid and having a fever and going to Emory and haven g surgery.  I don’t have any control over this, but the fact that it is going on wears on me.

Oh, and she put a hex on me so I will be sick for the rest of my life.  I am not making this up.  I am trembling from fear.
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