Sunday, May 5, 2013

Messages to Melissa - 1

The next three posts are copies of fb messages I sent to Melissa Gray, Parrish's stepmother, when we were under particularly stressful circumstances.  She and I have opened a dialogue after many years of trying to avoid each other.  Actually, she is the one who cracked the door.  Melissa has been sympathetic and understanding and generous of spirit as well as generous with money to help me with P's expenses.  I am deeply grateful.

April 20, 2013

Hey, things here are dreadful. P has been super manic since yesterday morning. Even he knows how bad he is but he refuses to go to hospital. He is paranoid and thinks I am going to put him away for life. He keeps asking me not to leave him. He has been for 3 walks today, trying to slow himself down with no results. He is terrified f what will happen at the hearing tomorrow and I cannot assure him enough that nothing big will take place. He has been begging for electro convulsive therapy. He is delusional and having hallucinations. He thinks some boys tried to break into the house last night.

Let's see what else. When we arrived at River Edge, the community mental health center, on the Wednesday after he was dismissed from the hospital, we were told he did not have an appointment and I fact the doctor was not in on Wednesdays! They was rescheduled for APRIL 6. This was the supposed appointment that the social moron at the hospital made for him.

On top of that, the landlady at the boarding house called this past Tuesday and threatened us if she didn't get her $200. by this weekend! Here is the direct quote from her: "if I don't get my money by the weekend, well, we know where you live and them it will be case closed." We, of course, called the police, and they said it really didn't constitute a threat. I shit you not. They said that. They blamed P for ever living there in the first place. 

Hell, the man is sick and did not use good judgement. I called the officers on their unfair judgement of P and explained that he was mentally ill.  Then P piped in and said there was drug dealing going on over there. To my astonishment, they admitted that they were aware of it. I just about needed a fainting couch. When I asked why the place was still in business, he said they had turned it over to the drug unit, but hey had done nothing.

Now, what else? I have been listening to a crazy person ranting about every wrong he ever imagined to be visited upon him. Then he rants about his young adulthood and everything he and his friends. He is obsessive about showing me his muscles and bragging about his grip, He just asked me if I have any Valium to give him IV for his mania. He just pounded his chest at me like a gorilla. His delusional memories are far from true. He builds himself up in all the tales, told me he once too a gun away from a cop and him him in the head with it.

He has finally agreed to go to hospital. 

More later.........cj
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