Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Thoughts 05/06/13

Dear P,

What about me?  Why, when I am here for you and do everything I can to get you the help you need, when I give you a roof over your head and a clean bed to sleep in and nourishing food to eat, do you say your life is over and you have no reason to live?  What about me?

There is no logic in depression, and you are suffering.  Your drinking is making things worse, and you say you cannot stop.  If you have alcohol in your system when you visit your probation officer on Tuesday, he will throw you in jail.  For how long?  He can lock you up for 45 days if he wishes.  What will he do this time?

I fear for your life.  Your sanity is already in great peril.  Please don’t put yourself in a place that will lead you to jail.  Please.

© 2013 cjschlottman

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