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April 23, 2013

Thanks for your good energy. God knows I need it.
Hey, I always ask permission to publish the words of others, but because my brain has been reduced to chicken feathers, I asked YOU if I could publish my OWN words. I really should be in a rest home somewhere far, far from this situation. I DO want your permission to publish all of the dialogue between us over the last week or so.

After the post of 3:00 AM yesterday, I took a hot bath, put on my “jays” and got into bed were I lay awake until 7:00. I got up and let out the dogs, had some coffee, dressed and drove back to the hospital. Having been the victim of the hospital’s coffee, I lingered over my tasty French brew.

After being detained in the ER waiting room so the receptionist could make two phone calls to make sure I was allowed inside, the scene at the hospital was the polar opposite of what it was on Sunday night.
The “watcher,” Debra, assigned to the two rooms in our cell block was, after a few minutes of looking like a deer in headlights, warm to me and was caring and nurturing and a calming influence. The other staff had their badges turned around. I kid you not. I wonder what the night shift told them about me.

P was still very drowsy from the dose of Geodone that had him so zonked Sunday night. (He needed to be zonked). He slept until about 11:45, when I noticed he was stirring around in bed and trembling. He appeared to be on the verge of withdrawal symptoms so Debra phoned P’s nurse, who had not darkened the door since shift change at 7:00. I wanted to let her know his condition had changed. Debra and I entertained one another and P slept fitfully. 2 hours later, yes 2 hours, the nurse had not appeared, and I had to leave to for the guardianship hearing in Probate Court. Debra made the call as I went out the door.
The hearing was uneventful and I was awarded guardianship of my 43 year old son.

When I returned to the hospital, a was again detained in the waiting room until I was cleared to go back. The nurse, who had her name badge turned around to conceal her name and photo, was in P’s cell and introduced herself as “his nurse.” She gave us the happy news that a bed had opened up for Parrish at River Edge's inpatient facility for detox and stabilization. He was dismissed forthwith.

We came by here for P to shower and get some things and we drove to River Edge. Well, we got lost and had to call the facility and ask for directions. You will surely think I thought this up myself, but the phone number the nurse wrote down in case we got lost connected to one of those annoying messages that say the number is not in service. No kidding. First a non appointment at River Edge outpatient care, now the wrong phone number for inpatient care.

We asked a man at a rundown gas station, and he gave us instructions. Were greeted warmly and I feel sure I left P in good hands. He should be there about a week.

I may stay in bed until he is released. Thanks for the positive energy. God knows how much I need it. Sophie came yesterday to clean so I could have a fresh bed and a tidy kitchen. She is always here for me..........cj

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